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ninfinger models This centres around space, science fiction and fantasy modelling - and is named after this website - so smallspace NEW for 2018 is MEDIA MODELLING, the 'Spring' show in May that replaces AUTOMODELLISMO and Extreme Weathering - though contains elements of both model-rockets/BAR Subject: rec. While there already is a Gemini book in the Space in Miniature series, SIM #3, that volume did not have any detailed how-to articles. ISEE is a NASA/ESA cooperative program consisting of three satellites intended to study the dynamic properties of Earth's magnetosphere and the solar wind in front of the magnetosphere (study the interaction of the interplanetary medium with the earth's immediate environment Ninfinger Productions: Scale Models; Titan II GLV | Gemini XII; Savage Shooters - Savage Mark II-GLV Review in . " From TOMYTEC's 'Little Armory' 1 /12th scale weapon model series comes a figma of one of the series  13 Nov 2018 Robin Finck's favorite Reverend model is the Charger with Humcutter pickups, a bass contour, and stoptail bridge. 75" long x 18mm engine tube, engine hook, two centering rings, thrust ring, 18 inches of white elastic and 12 inches of Kevlar for the shock cord, a standard Quest parachute (unassembled), launch lug, die-cut balsa fins, and a sheet of self Scale Models: Spacecraft, Rockets, Missiles, and X-Planes! As the title says, this site is devoted to that type of modeling, just to keep it within reason. We also carry model ships, aircraft carriers, and other vessels such as submarines and ships of the US Coast Guard. I've assigned a skill level to each kit to help you judge whether the kit is within your ability. The X-4 was developed for the study of flight characteristics of swept wing, semi-tailess aircraft at transonic (about Mach . Fellow space modelers, I was 10 years old in 1968, when I discovered in a magazine that men were going to spend their Christmas eve around the Moon (Apollo 8). Ninfinger Productions: Downloadable Paper Models Models of planes, ships, vehicles and other things all in Olli's unique style. Air Force) Air Power Demonstration of USAF 412th Test Wing Aircraft during Edwards AFB Open House Jan 27, 2015 · The three shroud seams take extra time to fill. com Dec 31, 2018 · Since this model was printed in the cheaper Shapeways WSF material, it needed several coats of filler primer. The most popular space models brands include Polar Lights, Pegasus Hobbies, Bandai Star Wars, Moebius Models, and Revell-Monogram. One of the first recreations I started back in '98, but that I didn't finish until this summer, was the Farside-X. Mike Mackowski's IPMS Judging Guide for Space and SF Models So you think you have what it takes to win an IPMS contest, do you? Better make sure you follow these hints from a real IPMS Space Model Judge. We are constantly reviewing this in light of government advice and in discussion with our fulfilment partners. Our V-2 model is the result of a decade of research and planning followed by two solid years of design, engineering, injection mold creation, and blow mold creation. 2020 View Interactive Catalog Download PDF Hard Copy Out of Stock 2019 View Interactive Catalog Download PDF Get a FREE hard copy 2018 View Interactive Catalog Download PDF Purchase Hard Copy 2016 Download PDF 2015 Download PDF 2014 Download PDF 2013 Download PDF 2012 Download PDF 2011 Download […] ALTERRA1 Resin kits & more This site is renaud's work of imagination. ARCON #002 04-20-11 Updated Quest Screamin' Demon #1019 from Don Fent 04-20-11 Centuri Python Fighter #5358 from Don Altschwager 04-20-11 Centuri Stellar Photon-Probe #KD-16 from John Brohm 04-20-11 Centuri TIR-100 from David Stribling 04-16-11 Centuri Nike Smoke #KS-15 04-16-11 Updated Enerjet AERO-DART #KE-2 04-16-11 Updated My all time FAVORITE paper model, a resized, hi-resolution reproduction for the paper modeller of the GULF OIL LEM, scale 1/48. org My favorite rocket was a scale model of the Thor-Agena, until it sheared a fin during ascent outside of Big Bend. Apply to your model with an airbrush using 15 to 18 psi pressure and about four to six inches of distance. 9 mai 2019 - Ninfinger Productions: Scale Models - 2017 IPMS/USA National Convention Model of R-7 launcher here: Classic Paper Space Models at ninfinger. resource images of Ninfinger Productions Scale Models Pictures Read more on Ninfinger productions: scale models. Posts: 5952 From: Brussels, Belgium Registered: Jan 2001: posted 04-20-2004 01:21 AM Testors/Model Master Paints; Ninfinger Productions Scale Models; M. C3 Foundation Nov 07, 2014 · Spacecraft and X-Plane Models – Ninfinger Productions Home … US/Canadian X-Planes and Experimental Aircraft; 1/400 scale; US Airforce Aircraft (contains two X-29As), Arii #A242 1/300 scale; XB Components. There are some good generic ones in the old Revell 1/96 kits like the XSL-01 and Space Station- scans of those sheets and others are at Also visible is the prominent fall-back umbilical connected to the guidance compartment (called the "aft unit" on Jupiter missiles). I already have a finished 747/shuttle but I couldn't pass up a chance to get an accurate new mold 1/144 shuttle orbiter with lots of details the Revell/Airfix/Minicraft orbiters just don't have (accurate window shapes, cockpits, cargo bay). 1 aircraft was first flown by Northrop on December 16, 1948, and the second X-4 made its initial flight on June 7, 1949. It is indeed sad because he did market a 1/32 LM which (for a resin kit) was decently priced (around $150 US). Includes all production spacecraft, flown and unflown, as well as boilerplates, trainers, mockups and models. Ladies & Gents, I'm looking for good high rez photos of the Gemini capsule for a model build. Our first model is an Estes "Star Dart" - single stage to over 2000 feet! 6/19/2004 We bought the "Alpha III" launch kit! 6/26/2004! "Super Nova Payloader" 46" tall, D Engine: 7/10/2004 Ben Franklin has the best :-( selection in Ogden! Picked up a "Nemesis" HAD to go 40 miles to Hammond Toys in the Valley Fair mall and pick up 4 new "Custom" rockets! 8/24/2004 Japan Super Fantastic Model! Jammy Dog Micro-Masking Tape. Realspace Models recently added a great 1/144 scale Skylab kit! Estes Rockets is the world leader in model rocketry. Denison The addendum material for the Model Spacecraft Construction publication was made Astronautics in Card Models . 5-23-2020 Quality update TIF to JPG: 5-23-2020 Quality update TIF to JPG, Update PDF: 5-23-2020 Quality update TIF to JPG Save over 10% off our already low prices on our individual kits . Sven Knudson's Ninfinger site features a nice "quick look" overview of this massive kit: Ninfinger Quick Look at the Vista 1/32 LM Accurate Models model kit in scale 1:20, is a NEW tool released in 2009 | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Saturn V Ninfinger . For a modest annual fee we offer you: A very informative monthly newsletter, Discounted admission tickets to meetings, Discounts at our supporting hobby shops. For example, in flight, the F-1 rocket engines were covered in asbestos shrouds--this can be replicated by covering the plastic engines in tape and spray Alpha Draco, also known as Model 122B Test Vehicle, was built by McDonnell Aircraft in support of Air Force high-altitude research activities. Launched from a mobile trailer/erector launcher designed for the Honest John missile, Alpha Draco was a two-stage solid-fueled rocket. Ninfinger Productions : Lower Hudson Valley: Mercury Capsule (1/24 Scale) Niel's Paper Models : Leo Cherkashyn: Voskhod 2: Cardmodels-R : Leo Cherkashyn: Voskhod LV: Nov 14, 2017 · These models are great for "kids" of all ages. Ninfinger Productions: Space Suit Photos Main purpose of this environment was practicing the Star Citizen workflow by using face-weighted normals for the models I finally finished the models early in 2019 and have now completed writing up a description of how each one was built. After several coats and a few hours of cure time, I sanded it smooth and cleaned it up with a wet cotton swab. Other models are available including 1:144 Lockheed SSTO Space Shuttle (X-33 'Venture Star') replacement (US $89. The model in card stock exists? Thanks!!:mrgreen: First commercially-available movie camera for model rockets: 1413: Cineroc & Omega Combo: 1970: 1975: BT-60: Camera and rocket, no extra payload section included: 1416: On previous large models I have pieced together large parts with Dove Tail joints and the like. I was suprised to find out that many great laser cutters have size limits which make large single piece parts impossible. We offer a variety of amazing rockets for first time fliers and experienced rocketeers! Jun 13, 2016 · Design Update (1:72 & 1:70) The latest design for the J-2 Engines in 1:72 and 1:70 scale is identical to the original, but the 3D model is now printed in two pieces for easier finishing. Reference: The Apollo Saturn V Reference Page: If you're looking for reference on The Big Bird, this is the place to go. Mar 07, 2015 · "Building"? Slight exaggeration there, but "Taking Out Of the Bag and Thinking About How to Do It" doesn't fit in the title so well. Rockets Frequently Asked Questions: PART 2 OF 14 NAMES AND ADDRESSES Last update: May 29, 2002 This portion of the r. Coleman  9 Jul 2015 While I would encourage you to support the NAR, you can look at the original series of Model Rocketry magazine articles on the ninfinger site: 8 Dec 2008 FineScale Modeler magazine - Essential magazine for scale model builders, http://www. SPACE IN MINIATURE - Space Modeling Reference Books Micro Mark - Tools for the scale modeler APOLLO SATURN REFERENCE SITE ALCLAD II - Metal Finish Lacquers Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian space models - Designer Leo Cherkashyn has a great variety of spacecraft models from the Soviet and post-Soviet eras. Models, scale, scale models, accessories, P-38, Lockheed P-38, Lightning, P-38 Lightning, Ki-100, resin, resin castings, castings, Pictorial history of B-36J bomber #522827 while located at Greater Southwest International Airport, Amon Carter Field, Fort Worth, Texas. Most of the models are designed by me, but I am proud to present contributions from Joy Cohn, Eric Truax, Mark Lardas, Lee Fleischer, Jean Paul, Vadasz Laszlo, Xosema and Lancer. Scale 1/44 Since 1968, Squadron has prided itself on carrying the most detailed car, airplane, ship, and military model kits, from Revell, Academy, Hobbyboss, Tamiya, Trumpeter and other scale model vendors, and a variety of accessories and tools for model building. TRADING POST - Find that hard-to-find kit, detail set, or tool or put that kit collecting dust in your closet into the hands of someone who'll build it. The company was the first to mass-produce model rocket engines with consistent and reliable performance. Ever since, I've been trying to identify it, with no success until now! My "Moon Ship" is built up and painted, with no box and instructions, but appears to be complete, including the crew. Nov 04, 2004 · The Airfix kit was available from 1971 to 1976 and had a limited run in 1991,thus making it a fairly rare model. Classic Paper Space Models - Designer Lars Folmann has card models of the Soviet R-7 and Proton boosters with a variety of payloads (temporarily hosted at the Ninfinger. If you're a historian, a model builder, or an aerospace enthusiast, you'll find something exciting here! Each model is carefully designed and engineered for it's scale. Arthur Steiner The material on Spacecraft Construction was made possible through the efforts of PLEASE NOTE: The official FAQ Home Page is available by selecting the link listed as the 'FAQ Home Page'. jpg NINFINGER PRODUCTIONS - Sven’s ultimate space modeling reference site Spacecraft Films - DVDs of rare and unusual space videos . 1 !!!!! My all time FAVORITE paper model now re-edited to a proper paper model, with all the 21st century buzzers and bells. HobbySpace - Space Modeling Jun 11, 2018 - Explore roxannacrail's board "Star Wars 3D Paper Models", followed by 359 people on Pinterest. Contributor: Ninfinger Productions Contributor: Bruce Thomas Bruce Thomas In 2012, the third model show was added. Estes Industries was founded by Vernon Estes in 1958; in 1961, the An information and location guide to the spacecraft used in the American conquest of space. I would like to invite all Luft '46 viewers and aviation history enthusiasts Aug 13, 2020 · STARSHIP MODELER STORE - Buy model kits and accessories and help support the site. Kiparski) FAQ Home Page: http://www This model kit has large areas of gold metal foil, and details in color lithography and silver metal foil. This page is dedicated to the Titan II ICBM launch crews and maintenance support teams, that kept the Titan II ICBM an important and vital addition to the strategic defense of this country during the cold war. The other is Ninfinger Productions: Model Rockets, a fellow BAR who has a lot of nostalgia including scans of Estes and Centuri catalogs from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Since 1968, Squadron has prided itself on carrying the most detailed car, airplane, ship, and military model kits, from Revell, Academy, Hobbyboss, Tamiya, Trumpeter and other scale model vendors, and a variety of accessories and tools for model building. org Quick Look at the RealSpace N1 Kit As the review says this kit contains "large chunks of solid resin parts". Vallejo Model Air - Vallejo Paints - VLJ71018 - Camouflage Black Green Model Air Color; 172 - HobbyBoss - HBB87266 - JASDF T-4 Trainer; 1/72 - Zvezda Models - ZVE8069 - Scythian Cavalry VI-III B. MODEL BUILDING Return to Contents - Top Return to Contents - This Topic Extra-Vehicular Activity Models Homepage The Fabulous World of Plastic Models Kits Ninfinger Productions: Scale Models FineScale Modeler Magazine British professional special effects modeler Mat Irvine promises eventual publication of his comprehensive ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SPACE MODELS, a beautiful preview selection of photos from which appear on his site: www. This had some type of "package" attached to it that fell away a few seconds before engine start - no idea what that was about. 11-21-2013 01:00 PM Ninfinger Modeling Website (Paper Models) Links to several sites Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center Giftshop Great site, several paper models: the Apollo Series, post-Apollo, Russian, European, Sci-Fi and more!! On 2020-07-02 13:06, gary gilmore wrote: > Hi again! > > I just got a message from someone who bought my Stratosphere Models > Orion CEV 606-C, who is interested in several Fantastic Plastic kits. The Franklin Mint LM was one of the best, and the Code 3 model issues a few years ago was similarly well done. - 1 (800) 472-2530 Local: (303) 772-1901 Fax: (303) 532-2352 Aug 23, 2014 · There has been some speculation as to why however, nothing has been substantiated. More later! Dave Bucher If you are not familiar with the old FSI product line, check out the catalogs at Ninfinger's: HERE Scroll down to "Other Companies" I am mechanical engineering student. 03 Small Rockets Press - publishes a book on small sounding rockets Looks like your Saturn V is coming along well. The factory pre-assembled and painted scale models (the Die-cast aircraft metal models) are commercialised usually in 1:400, 1:200, 1:72, 1:600, 1:500, 1:300, 1:250, and 1:48 scale. Crow's Nest Models 1/32 Mercury CapsulePorthole VersionIncludes LED from Crow's Nest can be found by searching out Ninfinger Productions online (look it  1 Jun 2016 www. Home MRC Rocket Plans; ST: PDF: Num: Name: Source: Type: Recovery: Items: Patterns: Decals: LS-120: 2x2: Standard: Parachute: 6: YES: JPG Nov 26, 2019 · These scale models are full of intricate detail. We have everything from the Wright Brothers, General Aviation, Airliners, and a full range of Modern Military airplane models. The S-IVB second stage, Lunar Module (LM),Spacecraft Launch Adapter (SLA), Command Service Module (CSM) and LaunchEscape Tower (LET) are from the 1969 Saturn V kit. Dear visitor! I welcome You to my little paper cosmodrome! You can see here a number of scale paper models of spaceships and rockets. Since these kits usually aren't found in hobby shops and can only be obtained via mail order, these  Jan 12, 2018 - Ninfinger Productions: Scale Models - 2017 IPMS/USA National Convention. Wonder Festival - Summer Geek Culture* Tag Hobby pt 1 pt 2 Marvix F* Verbania Model Show 2018 Nonsolopanzer. Download Part 1 Part 2 Soyuz FG version for Soyuz TMA-21 "Gagarin" launch - Download Part 1 Part 2 The average model will fly in a range of 20 to 60 MPH and weigh 5 1/2 to 6 pounds. Ninfinger Productions' Scale Models: When it comes to space modeling, Sven Knudson's site is the undisputed champion. If you have an issue  This model was entirely scratch built and is made of cartboard and balsa Other photos can also be found on the Sven Knudson Ninfinger Productions web site  EVA Models database: All plastic modelling products, news and built models from 1:32 Mars Explorer: Sven "The Ninfinger" Knudson (EVA Models EVA009. At Spacemonkey Models, we're dedicated to making great films and DVDs highlighting the little known chapters in aerospace history, and we also offer the most accurate model available of the groundbreaking V-2 ballistic missile. The ATM, solar array and multiple docking adapter were either "kit-bashed" or scratch-built. A model aircraft is “[…] only as good as the effort that went into the research of RealSpace Models model kit in scale 1:72, is a NEW tool released in 200* | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Soyuz Ninfinger . Orange County IPMS Southern Californians, there is simply no better modeling club than Orange County IPMS. Stash Mar 26, 2012 · This is the Monogram 1/32 scale CSM model, the only commercially-produced kit of the Block II Apollo spacecraft. We also intend to expand the kit line into NARcomp MY style with fiberglass competition models that I've been engineering over the years. In other words, in 1/24 scale you would need 24 Chevy models parked bumper to bumper to equal the length of one Chevrolet. Moreover, Ninfinger has yet to grow their social media reach, as it’s relatively low at the moment: 86 StumbleUpon views and 2 Twitter mentions. Looking for the Revell 747-100 SCA & Shuttle Kit (1/144 Scale) May 22, 2012 · Hampton Roads Scale Modelers - Scale Modeling is a craft and a pastime, be it for simple relaxation or such as to approach fine art – and anywhere in between. EVA Models figure in scale 1:32, EVA009 is a NEW tool | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Science Fiction Mar 25, 2016 · The Mylar: I use severalcombinations of materials for the external insulation of the decent stage. The kit is really very accurate out of the box, but I wanted to build it this time around without the clear section that allows you to look into the Command and Service Modules. Oct 24, 2010 · It would be nice to have an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of instruments, but most modelers only want one particular panel at a time. 17 Hornady The Titan II GLV (Gemini Launch Vehicle) or Gemini-Titan II was an American expendable launch system derived from the Titan II missile, which was used to launch twelve Gemini missions for NASA between 1964 and 1966. The Computer-Aided Design ("CAD") files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Oct 12, 2017 · Only a few months later the April 7, 1970 issue of Model Rocketry magazine would report that MPC had purchased the rights to his deflector design from Sven for the princely sum of $75 dollars. Mar 21, 2014 · For "quick look" check out Sven's Ninfinger site:New Ware 1/144 Mercury/Atlas Quick Look You can order a copy of this kit from New Ware at New Ware Models . Basic Spacecraft Model Ages 12 and up/approximately 5 hours This spacecraft version has the telescopes and impactor pictured on it. Saturn V plastic models basically need to be after-marketed into accuracy--neither Revell nor Airfix makes a perfectly accurate one, though Revell is to my understanding somewhat worse. Standing in at 23” tall, The Spacemonkey Models V-2 features markings for four different V-2 variants, printed in Italy by the decal wizards at C Rec. Zooch Ant Scale Rocket Kits: Totally Tubular Tubes and supplies Model Rocketry magazine began publishing in October, 1968 and ran through January, 1972. On the face card you can see a shadow in the middle area, probably the tab of shroud #2 Interesting I got this ship (complete with moon stand) in a box of "scrap" built aircraft models at a collector's fair last year (paid £2 for the lot). CPA72015: Kaman UH-2A/B Seasprite painting mask (designed to be used with Clear Prop Models kits) CP72007: Gloster E28/39 STR22772: Bavarian Infantry in Attack Napoleonic STR22272: French Infantry in Summer Uniform Standing Order Arms, LP72005: McDonnell F-4 Phantom Ladder set STR24772: American Anti-Tank Squad WWII Models to download . Hi - This website is intended to advertise the resin model rocketry kits and accessories I manufacture, and to showcase some other models I've built over the years. Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center Giftshop Great site,  Apr 22, 2018 - Ninfinger Productions: Scale Models - 2017 IPMS/USA National Convention. Hampton Roads Scale Modelers (HRSM) recognizes this spectrum of interests and welcomes all enthusiasts, both young and more mature, from beginning modelers to life-long craftsmen. The model scale is most often expressed as a simple fraction: 1/24 scale means the model is 1/24 the size of the full-size subject. Detailed Spacecraft Model Ages 15 and up/approximately 8 hours This version has a three-dimensional set of telescopes and a removable impactor. Jun 12, 2018 · Hi all I have a small issue, well maybe a large one, 20 odd years ago I was gifted 2 models, Revell - The History Makers repop from 1983ish The Jupiter C scale 1/110 Hobbylinc carries over 500 space models at discounts up to 65%. Special Offers + Model Rocket News: 1940 Exploratory Planetary Cargo Futuristic: JimZ Rocket Plans : Model Rocket News: Ninfinger Productions : Jonathan Mills: Cyclone Ninfinger Productions: Scale Models - 'spacy' but see tools and links Fisher Scientific Sherline Lathes Alumilite casting material Tamiya Paints Testors-Accuflex Paints Liquitex Paints Modelflex Paints Badger Airbrush Paasche Airbrush A Catechism of the Steam Engine (1868), Machine Shop Practice (1887-88) Modern Machine Shop Practice (1887-1888) Model Rocketry Ads [of 1950s & 60s] - Ninfinger Productions - Mar. Space Program Nasa Space Program Programa Apollo Apollo 13 Space And Astronomy Space Travel Space Exploration Space Crafts Model Photos. Ninfinger Productions - Scale Models [ Kids/Teens ] A resource for model spacecraft, rockets, missiles, and planes. Vashon Industries Catalog #3 · Vashon's Last Catalog before merging with Estes; Estes  Coleman Model 500 Stove – Speedmaster - Daum. org The scale models offered here have parts for you to download and print on card stock, instructions for putting them together, and links to mission information. Kora Models model kit in scale 1:72, NK001 is a rebox released in 2002 | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | A4 (V2) Missile Ninfinger . Due to the high amount of orders, its very hard to predict, when models will be finished and ready to ship. Helge Lind; Paul Gold's 1/144 Page - popup warning; Tomcat Alley A-10 West Demonstration Team (355th Wing, USAF) Aerostars Yak Aerobatic Team; Air Combat Command F-22 Demonstration Team (U. Alternative models in 1/72 scale are made by Hobbycraft (injection molded), Eagles Talon (a resin XS-1), 12 Squared (#2-6, limited-run injection) and AirVac (vacform). I believe that is the one that carried to the pairs of launch to the sputnik and vostok of the years 60. I scratch-built this model of the Skylab using a S-4B stage from a 1/144 scale Monogram Saturn 5 kit. Apply an even slightly wet coat then immediately cover the model with a large bowl or clean box because this will be a major dust magnet. WILL BUILD FOR OTHERS - Find people who will build a model for you - or list your name for others to find. More models will be become available in the coming days, including Falcon 9s from past missions and StarShip SN-6. Build Voyager (One and Two, outer solar system mariners), Lunar Prospector, Galileo (the Jupiter orbiter and probe), Hubble Space Telescope, Magellan (Venus radar mapper), Mars Global Surveyor, and more. The kit included a three-piece nosecone, body tube (which is not described at all in the plans, but is a 12" long piece of T-25 tube), 2. Spacecraft models - where to find kits for a particular vehicle Huge list of space and X-plane models . Ninfinger Spacecraft and X-Plane Models : Oxygino Aviation Art : Resin Illuminati : Roboterkampf : Scale Model News: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Magazine: Secret Projects Forum: Starship Modeler : The Star Wars Model Gallery : Up-Ship (Scott Lowther's Site) WHAT IF Speculative Searching Cosmonaut scale model, should be 1:12 or bigger in scale ( I know there's a 1:5 Apollo astronaut model ) Can anyone help / sell ? Thx in advance! Filiberke_Nys@yahoo. Apr 21, 2012 · I never understood the rationale behind the Monogram model company for never producing an accurate CSM/LM combination in either 1/48 or better yet- a 1/32 scale. Archived spacekits Archived old model versions: Current model version: 11-Mar-2010: LES motor and skirt : 11-Mar-2010 Vector graphics (PDF) Bitmap graphics @ 800 dpi (PNG) Bitmap graphics @ 1200 dpi (PNG) Bitmap graphics @ 1600 dpi (PNG) 20-Apr-2010: LES lattice scratchbuild instructions & detail parts RealSpace Models detail set in scale 1:144, is a NEW tool released in 1996 | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Saturn V Ninfinger . Please contact me with your requirements Ninfinger Productions: Scale Models - 2017 IPMS/USA National Convention Scale Models Dioramas Letadla Miniatury Škola Vojenská Letadla Nápady Další informace Makers of resin kits of factual spacecraft and launch vehicles. The first model rocketry catalog I ever saw -- Estes' 1970 edition -- was chock-full of models that are today considered classics. Monogram has produced the most accurate 1/48 lunar module yet never released a 1/48 Command/Service Module kit. The big Mercury spacecraft so many people have been waiting for has arrived! Originally a project undertaken by Atomic Models and now handled by MRC, the 1/12 scale Mercury Spacecraft is certainly big, coming in a sturdy box that measures 16x12x5½ inches and weighs a few pounds. ninfinger models

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